HumanCentered's origins go back to 2001 in the aftermath of the dotcom bubble. Four guys with solid chops in Enterprise Software and Financial Services: a design planner, a psychologist, a software technical architect and an information architect formed a startup called Synmetry Partners. Over the next couple years, a unique strategic design consultancy model emerged in its place. It was called HumanCentered, and it was founded by Michael Eckersley as a network organization, drawing on a wide array of talent from across the US.  Together, we formulated some of the very earliest and most diverse user experience design applications in areas of Health Care Services, Chronic Disease Management, Financial Services, Fast Food, and back-office CRM enterprise software. 

Our work continues to define the state of the art. Our human-centered values and goals have always been straight forward: 1. Start with people and uncover the subtle context of things they need and desire. 2. Work systematically to humanize and improve the relevancy and performance of products, services and environments on which people rely. 3. Coach our partners' in-house teams  to do this kind of integrative  design work for themselves. And 4. Collaborate with our partners to bring these innovations successfully to market, thus spurring growth.

Finally, inspired by the seminal work of colleagues at Doblin, HumanCentered is intent on spreading the reach of strategic design  innovation across the following 10 categories: From Offerings (Product performance, Product system, Service), to Process (Enabling process, Core process), Delivery (Channel, Brand, Customer experience), and Finance (Business model, Networks and alliances).