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What do home buyers really want?

What do home buyers really want?
An article by Katherine Salant,
Wathington Post
August 5, 2011

Meet the New Hybrid Designers

Meet the New Hybrid Designers
an article by Michael Eckersley & Jeremy Alexis, DMI Review, Summer, 2010

HUMANCENTERED is a U.S.-based team of affiliated designers, social scientists, and planners that help organizations understand their customers more deeply and serve them more imaginatively. The company blends aspects of design thinking, business thinking, and social science to create new value in products, services, and system environments.

Opportunities for human-centered innovation are, quite literally, everywhere. Our work cuts across industries from Consumer Products, Enterprise Computing, and Financial Services, to Health Care and Fast Food. We work with both private sector companies and public sector organizations to narrow the gap between people, brands, organizations, and offerings. It is our small way of making consumer life (and business) a little more humane.

Our tools offer a valid and more granular understanding of customer experience than is the norm in business. Knowing your customer isn't only desirable, it is fundamental to the mechanics of business innovation––whether your innovation goals are incremental, evolutionary, or revolutionary. We'll show you how to spot and exploit innovation opportunites.

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