HUMANCENTERED is a focused team of consulting designers, planners and social scientists. We work with organizations across many industries to create new value in products,  services and systems. Value that pays off in real ways to organizations and to their customers.

We help organizations narrow the gaps that separate their brand offerings from the people and groups who make up their key markets. Our methods fly well below the radar of conventional market research to reveal salient human attitudes, relationships, patterns and themes that shape people's perceptions and behaviors. Our data-driven insights offer valid, reliable means to design of new high-value offerings that elicit positive customer response and achieve strategic goals.

“Know Thy Customer” is still the first principle of business. And when so much is at risk, good intelligence is key, especially at the early Phase Zero stage of development. That’s the role of HumanCentered: (1) To make companies more deeply knowledgeable, empathetic and savvy about the audiences they are trying to reach and design for, (2) To translate key intelligence into innovative, high-value offerings that naturally map onto consumer needs and desires, thereby creating new markets, or revitalizing mature markets to lead in the marketplace.

Call it business R&D borne out of carefully studying the daily lives of people, their patterns of mind and activity, and their incipient needs, desires and ambitions.

“design is fundamentally about humanizing the world"
–Larry Keeley, Doblin