STARTING AT THE POINT OF NEED, HumanCentered adapts our team assets to you and your particular situation. We avoid coming in with too many assumptions or preset solutions. We work with your leaders to most effectively diagnose and frame elements and boundaries of the task at hand, and carefully assess requirements and successful outcomes.  

Working with HumanCentered is easy. The first step is to give us a call. We are pleased to come to your office–confidentially and at no cost–to discuss your needs. Based on this discussion, we can forward a succinct description of the work that needs to be done, and what we will need to accomplish it. If you like, we would be pleased to put you in touch with executives and senior managers who have worked with us in the past, and who can speak to our capabilities.

Our contract research and advisement services are flexible and easy to use:

1. THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE AUDIT: A “high-definition” model of current-state audience perceptions, conceptions and interactions. This “Experience Space” model reflects psychological social, cultural, physical and even spiritual human factors that account for consumer behavior. Meet your customer in all her subtlety and complexity–possibly for the first time.

2.THE CUSTOMER ARCHETYPE: A robust model of the customer, or consumer segment, of interest. Adapted from the work of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, the resulting archetype character–named and depicted–guides marketing teams to an understanding of the customer that is grounded not in abstract theory or speculation, but in qualitative, structural “human code“. The Archetype helps product teams benchmark important dimensions of customer need, want and aspiration.

3. THE COMPETITIVE SCAN: A wide-ranging survey and analysis of consumer experience best practices relevant to your brand. This documentation of “5-Star” ideas that are transforming consumer expectations of value, has perhaps the most immediate payback to companies. Strategic Design-Planning Services

4. “WHAT COULD BE: GOAL-STATE MODELING": Identifies “thru the eyes of your customer” creative opportunities for innovating relevant, integrated and delightful customer experience. This transfer or knowledge from HumanCentered descriptive research keys on your own strategic business goals. It yields a strategy for winning consumer preference across a web multiple targeted areas.

5. DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION: We work closely with your own team and with your partners to advise on the translation, design and implemention of a customer experience solution. We routinely team-up with excellent architects, product designers, brand developers, architects and engineers to bring potent concepts to life.