THE SCOPE OF HumanCentered activity tends to be broad as our focus is “humans”, and human factors generally cut across cut across a span of corporate functions. Likewise, our range of experience is wide. So we work closely with your internal teams to determine exactly where and how our own resources complement or blend well with those of your own. Based on your budget and timing requirements we are able to clearly articulate the challenge and offer a proposal tailored to deliver a work product that meets your needs.

HumanCentered client partners  involve us in a host of ways, including: 1. Taking on discrete design planning assignments ; 2. Serving as an independent R&D resource; or 3. Advising and contributing to internal project teams and boards (on retainer). 4. Frequently Michael Eckersley consults individually and speaks to corporate or industry groups, occasionally running professional workshops or training sessions. We enjoy it all.

Depending on your needs, our deliverables may include original primary user research and consumer intelligence gathering and analysis. Frequently we are asked to provide strategic assessments, models, or design insights and UX recommendations. We work closely with your Engineering or Marketing teams to develop, visualize and prototype key functionality and interactions. Though we rarely generate production code, usability studies or construction docs, we do work closely with those excellent teams who do, in order ensure that our designs live and perform effectively to spec. 

Some of our current and former clients include the following fine companies: